Bathroom: A shower or bathtub?

When you want to design a bathroom, there is usually a debate: a shower or a bathtub? In recent years, showers have become a trend. From an ecological point of view, taking a shower is good for the planet. In addition, there is the style of the showers, the Italian style showers having been on the coast for some time. But baths are always very popular. Here are some tips to choose your bathtub.

First of all, you must avoid having eyes bigger than your stomach. Nowadays bathtubs come in all sizes, shapes and styles. But before you succumb to the charm of free-standing bathtubs, you must make sure that it passes through your bathroom. In terms of the shape of the bathtub, whether the oval or rectangular bathtub is the most classic, the corner bathtub and the clawfoot bathtube are also very trendy. It saves space in the bathroom. The foot bathtub or more commonly the hoof bathtub gives a very retro style to your bathroom, very Versailles. The fittings are integrated. If, on the other hand, you want to bring modernity to your bathroom, it is the island bath or whirlpool baths that you should choose.

For those who cannot choose between installing a shower or a bathtub, there is the shower bathtub? It combines both with the installation of a wall to conserve water vapour when you take your bath. A mini sauna in your bathroom.

With the enthusiasm that families have for the bathroom, professionals have declined many accessories to make bathing a pleasure. You will find baths made of different materials: acrylic, resins, enamel, fiberglass….

Take your time before choosing the one you need. Once installed, you will keep your bathtub for a long time. You can also find used ones online for a good quality bathtub at an affordable price.